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still holds a narrow 49-46% lead over romney. some 40% of voters say the country is moving in the right direction, versus 53% saying it's on the wrong track. nearly 60% believe the u.s. economy is recovering. so you can tune in to cnbc's debate coverage tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern as we get you set up for the debate. >>> several top chinese banks have pulled a plug on a planned trip to tokyo. they were supposed to attend the imf's annual meetings next week. a small chinese company is up in arms with barack obama. rails corp is suing. the farms are located in oregon, in restricted air space used by the u.s. navy. they said the president acted unlawfully when he issued the order last friday. when geopolitical tensions and business wranglings with some of the u.s. are just some of the issues that china will have to grapple with. the 18th national congress is set to meet in november on november 8th to name china's new leadership team. but will the new group be able to strike a new tone with trading partners while reviving the economy? joining us now is the director of center on ch
post" abc news poll shows 49% of likely voters favoring the president versus 47% for romney. amongst all registered voters, obama hold as five point lead, but 52% of them are being a stros swi acrosses swing states, they favor the obama. the debate starts wednesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >>> and if president obama is reelected, one of the first job may be to find a replacement for geithner. the wall street journal reports the white house chief of staff jack lew and former clinton chief of staff are two top candidates. both budget experts and could play a major role in the looming fiscal cliff. >>> nokia's into another big customer for its mapping software. the "wall street journal" says the company will unveil a deal with oracle today in san francisco. nokia also recently signed deals with groupon and amazon. nokia a got into the map business with it purchase and has been expanding the service. and back to the banks, shares in banco have been suspended. the bank has announced it will report record write downs of 9.3 billion euro this is year and have suspended its dividend this month.
? you guys are suggesting that the debate is going to change everything. >> to larry says romney has a machete and he's taking heads off in the primary debate. you say there's a small group of undecided voters that romney still needs to capture. i'm not hearing from the romney people that he needs to be that aggressive. if he's too forceful, he may risk alienating some of the people david is is talking about. >> really, really go head to head. for example, there was a lot of talk that mr. romney was going to fact check president obama as obama made false statements, as obama always does make false statements. >> oh, come on. >> do you think romney will fact check him or is that too cheeky or snarky in a debate? >> romney has been preparing for the debate. he knows the issues, he knows the data. what they're trying to do is get romney to pull back and go back to that big vision. >> what vision? where is it? >> tax breaks, 20% across the board. >> that was beautiful the way you got that out. hold on. you can see the whole presidential debate here on cnbc wednesday night, coverage begin
and two names that voters goat choose from and that's between mitt romney and that's between barack obama and two very different visions for the country. george bush doesn't happen to be on the ballot. i think the clear choice you set out for voters on the economy is going to be apply stly summed u the question do you want another four years likes the previous four years. we haven't seen any progress on the economy, we have an unemployment that's above 8%, 23 million americans are struggling to find work. so the question voters are going to ask is do we want the status quo, the same four years that we just saw from president obama, or do we want to clart a new course for the country? i think that's one of the real opportunities that governor romney is going to seize tonight to talk to the american people about. >> president obama is going to accuse romney of four more years of bush and romney is going to accuse obama of four more years of obama. is that what's going to happen tonight in. >> we know this and everybody on your panel, they're all smart guy, they all know that every president
. there was a poll out today which looked at wealthy voters and women voters for romney. it showed that taxes were not even among the top five issues for wealthy voters. the most important issues are jobs, economy, how you're going to get this economy moving again. so i think on both sides, this has become a false debate over should we tax or should we not tax the wealthy. i think it really takes the focus off the bigger issue, which wealthy voters are really looking at. maybe raise their taxes, maybe not. that's not even what's important for the wealthy themselves. what's important is how to grow again. >> and how do you grow when you're facing $16 trillion in debt? you have to make tough decisions like the entitlements. >> free cell phones. >> give them free cell phones. >> back to the tax question. i think it is key to solving the deficit problem. the tax plan that i would love someone to put forward, and i'm not sure anyone has, is lower every rate and close every loophole. lower every rate on businesses. yes, on millionaires and billionaires. close all the loopholes, which generally favor the
in the average swing voter isn't paying that close attention. consider what they see. if you look at romney in terms of his resume running right now as a former corporate specialist at a time in the first major election since the great recession and look at his demeanor and how he comes off and how he appears, if you look -- if you use that as a gauge for a lot of voters for swing voters that's not an appealing package. i think that his fundamental challenge. if you look at larry the polling or talk to those sampled and they say what don't you like about romney it is some variation of he's for the rich or he wants to look after people like him. i think that gets back to those two issues. how he comes across in his resume. >> the guy is not a slick politician. there's no two ways -- no argument from me on that but robert costa, romney is a 1950s guy and kind of a square, but we seen in the last four years a lot of slip hipster -- maybe the hipster idea will be passe and main it is time go back to the 1950s type guy to balance the books keep us out of bankruptcy and grow the economy. what do
tax cuts. you can't compare in the state of ohio where a new york times cbs poll shows mitt romney down by ten percentage points, president obama ahead on the economy, 6 in 10 voters, nearly 6 in 10, that is, said mitt romney's policies would favor the rich and mitt romney doesn't care about people like them. president obama's driving that message, going after mitt romney's predictions that he'll be tough on china saying that if you look at romney's record at bain capital, all that talk is fake. >> when you hear this newfound outrage, when you see these ads, these running problems seem to get tough on china, it seems a lot like that fox saying we need more secure chicken coops. i mean, it's just not credible. >> and larry, you can hear the confidence in president obama's voice because not only in ohio is he ahead, but in all of the major swing states president obama's got a lead right now. mitt romney's got to find a way to turn that around, turn it around in the debates, and maybe the tax cut issue that you're talking about will be one tool in that arsenal. back to you, larry. >>
to bring libertarian and tea party voters into the romney camp. we'll ask him about his message to voters in battleground states just north of his like ohio. >>> and it's the final trading day of the third quarter. find out what's making you money and what's dragging your portfolio down in our sector spotlight. >>> the third hour of "squawk box" starts right now. ♪ what does that mean nothing going to break my stride nobody going to slow me down ♪ ♪ oh no i got to keep on moving ♪ >> welcome back. i don't know. welcome back to "squawk box" here on cnbc first in business worldwide, i'm joe kernen along with becky quick and andrew ross sorkin, and our guest host is bethany mclean, author "the smartest guy in the room" the account of record on the fall of enron and she's a cnbc contributor and -- >> and also her doubles are here, her most recent book. >> we had seamus on last week. >> did you? >> yes, he was here for a few hours. >> did he talk about china? >> he talked about china. >> you were a reporter and you said, you know, this enron is a mess, right? that was kind of the initi
at every hole, the foursome doesn't want him to play anymore. and phil, i think mitt romney's having that problem. what is so hard about saying to middle class voters i'm going to lower your tax rates and give you more take home pay? and for upper income people, i'm going to take your deductions away. what is so hard about that? he should red line the middle class and talk about take home pay. >> i think that's good advice. i think on the twin front of litigating the case against the president about his failed economic policies that's one clear component, but the debate represents the opportunity to speak clearly and in plain english terms about the impact of his pro-growth tax cut policies on people's pocketboo s s. the republican party and frankly a lot of us seem to be stuck in negative feedback loop on mitt.y a lot of us seem to be stuck in negative feedback loop on mitt. it's fundamentally unfair. this race is very close and remains very close. all the overblown rhetoric you hear -- >> i got to go to a separate but related topic, okay? out in virginia, which is a very patriotic
for the big event. john? >> reporter: melissa, we've got several pieces of encouraging news for mitt romney from not only the wall street poll but swing states poll. you mentioned that mitt romney's closed the deficit among likely voters for obama from five points to three points. and in florida, he's closed from five down to one which is tied given the margin of error in our poll. in virginia, he has closed the gap from five to two. if you look at the state of ohio, a must-win state for mitt romney, mathematically possible for him to get to it without it but his strategists think he needs it. he needs to make progress there. but the fact that some of the national polls are coming back a little bit, some of the swing state polls are tightening, is a bit of an earn couragement for romney that he still has an opportunity for deficit with three or four points to change the dynamic in some way. he's got to hope that obama is not on his best game. you could have a scenario that like what happened in 2000 where george w. bush moved significantly without gore and ultimately became president. >> it
extremely or quite important to determining their vote for president. another 34% of voters polled say that the upcoming debates will be somewhat important to their votes, so the stakes are high tonight. president obama's lead in the nationwide polls is narrowing. meantime, romney has pulled even in florida. john harwood is in denver this morning and he will join us in just a few minutes with the other poll numbers and see just exactly how close it is. then we're going to try our own debates. at 6:30 eastern time, we have strategists from both sides of the aisle. democrat jimmy williams versus republican joe watkins. an hour later, former dnc chair and vermont governor howard dean is facing off against ed conard. irene rosenfeld, the ceo of mondolez international. the markets aren't to be forgotten. at 8:30 eastern time, we will be joined by jim grant. we're going to talk about the best investing strategies for the rest of the year with him. first, let's get you up to speed on this morning's headlines. over to andrew. >>> friday we'll get the government september jobs report. could be
i'm going to take away deductions. so romney in fact and i've talked to romney's strategists about this, they know that voters don't actually believe that you're going to have a big net tax cut for anybody. it's not credible. >> the linchpin of the entire plan is to raise taxes on people 250 or above, which does nothing for the definite sit, does nothing with entitlements. not only are you not talking details, all you have is raising tax on people that have money and talking about nothing else. >> the distinction is that the romney campaign is saying we're not going to raise taxes on the middle class, but by the way, we really are. >> hold on. joe, obama -- first of all, raising taxes on people at the top may not be sufficient, but it's not nothing. it does raise money. >> we need a trillion and it's like $80 billion. >> $80 billion? >> it's like 80 build per year. and we need to cut -- close the deficit by a trillion. we got a trillion dollar deficit and it raises like -- i think it's less. maybe 40 billion. >> are you correct, it's not sufficient. >> and he's not talking about an
difference -- if romney loses, people will say super pacs didn't make a difference. if he wins, they'll say it was a deciding factor. i think the jury is still out on whether this money truly changes voters' minds. >> all right. we'll see. robert, thanks so much. >>> it's been four years since the financial crisis exploded. millions of jobs and homes have been lost. banks have failed. investors have certainly become nervous about the markets. a commission that investigated the cause and recommended fixes has come and gone. no the chairman of that commission wants to know why wall street executives are not being criminally investigated and prosecuted for their role in one of the worst economic disasters in modern times. he joins me now. he's also the former california state treasurer. good to have you back on the program. welcome. >> always good to be with you. >> you say the justice department hasn't focused enough on criminal prosecution of wall street executives. who do you believe should be prosecuted? >> well, i think this is not a matter of revenge. it's a matter of righting wrongs. it
in the future. the poll voters said they want the candidates to provide more details on how exactly they will improve the economy. lanny chan is policy director for the romney for president and joins us from campaign headquarters. good to have you. welcome back. >> good morning. >> i am sure you're familiar with the poll numbers and a lot of others who are looking for a reset from the romney camp. to what degree does that involve policy as we get closer to the debates? how is policy within the camp evolving? >> policy is a big part of this obviously and governor romney has been inkred apply specific regarding what he would do with the economy. he talked recently about the plan for a stronger middle class and how we can do things like get towards energy independence by 2020, how we can advance trade relationships that work for america and how we can cut the deficit and champion small business. i think you have seen a good amount of policy from our campaign and i expect over the coming weeks you will be hearing more. >> and people obviously will be looking for specifics. for instance,
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14